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 artist's statement    

My clay work is about my fascination with harmonizing and integrating disparate parts - colors, texture, shape and form. 

My goal is to bring together a beautiful art object and a utilitarian piece of pottery that can be used in our day to day life.

I try to achieve this by always keeping in mind human scale and physical touch in conjunction with the active visual play of form, design, and surface.


I work all kinds of clay depending on what effect I am after.

I carve, wipe, rub, draw and paint on the clay at difference stages all the while listening to the pots and what they want to say.

It is a dialogue that continues until the final firing.


Things I think about when working: 
Landscaped – cityscape
Organic vs geometic lines
Interior – exterior
Quiet – loud
Smooth – rough
Practical – abstract
Color – black and white
Domestic - worldly

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